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Welcome to my music page! My new album, SING SONG SAYINGS was officially released June 23rd 2019. My songs tell stories about all kinds of animals, like birds and cats, and fish that can fly, and snakes that can sing!


I think you'll like my story-songs because they come from sayings that you may have heard before, like "Laughter is the best medicine" or "When the cat's away the mice will play". Have a listen and if you like what you hear, you can download a song or the entire album or even order a CD.


SING SONG SAYINGS is my debut children's album, with ten original tunes. Some songs are bilingual and one song is in French. Have a listen, or click the following link if you would like to purchase a DOWNLOAD or a copy of my CD, BUY SING SONG SAYINGS.


Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind an old saying or expression? The wonderful thing about expressions or proverbs is that they can be interpreted in many different ways. Click on the music sheet icon to view the song lyrics.

Don't Count Your Chickens
(...until they're hatched)

One shouldn't assume that something will definitely happen before it really does.

The Goose and the Gander
(Good for the goose, good for the gander)

One person should be treated the same way that another person is treated, fairly and equally.

When the Cat's Away
(...the mice will play)

Without supervision, people will do as they please, sometimes even breaking rules.

Petit Criquet

Le criquet tient dans le creux de la main, mais on l'entend dans toute la prairie.

Birds of a Feather
(...flock together)

People who like the same kind of things will like to spend time together.

The Best Medicine
(Laughter is the best medicine)

Thinking positively and laughing will help you to feel better.

Needle in a Haystack
(Like finding a needle in a haystack)

When something is very difficult to find it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Doggie Day
(Every dog has it's day)

Everyone will have good luck or success at some point in their lives.

A Rolling Stone
(...gathers no moss)

(Original meaning) People on the move rarely grow roots or settle down. (hmmm?)

A Fish Out of Water
(Like a fish out of water)

You do not feel comfortable or relaxed because you are in an unusual or unfamiliar situation.

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