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Do you like to draw? I do too. Here you'll find some colouring pages, activities and drawing exercises that can be done in the classroom or at home. I'm always adding more fun stuff here, so check back again soon!

Weekend Market


Hey Kids & Parents! I have a fun colouring project that I need your help with.


I made a giant drawing that is 30 FEET LONG and I'm going to use it to make a music video. You can help me by colouring my drawings and then your drawings
will be in my video!


Of course it's impossible to print a 30 foot drawing on your home printer, so I broke it into 42 single pages. 


Once you have finished colouring a page, take a photo and email it to me at:

I'll be connecting all the pages back together and you'll see your art in my video!


Can you guess which song this is for! 

Here are the links to the pages.

I will be uploading a new page every day!

Colouring Pages

Send me a photo of your finished colouring, I'd love to see your work.

Here are some illustrations I made that are based on some of my songs:

  • I've Got Four Eggs!

  • Ducks In The Mud (coming soon)

  • Flying Fish (coming soon)

  • Sing-A-Long Snakes (coming soon)

Drawing Exercises

Drawing takes a lot of practice. I carry around my sketchbook wherever I go and try to practice every day.


These exercises can help you learn how to draw animals and other cool things:

Fun Activities

These activities involve some discussions and are great for kids seven and up. 

These activities are based on my silly sayings and they're perfect for the classroom.

  • Match the Doggy Breed

  • Animal Genders (coming soon)

  • Lyric Wordfind (coming soon)

  • Crafty Ideas (coming soon)

Please send me a photo of your amazing art to my email. 
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