I am thrilled to announce the official release of my new debut album SING SONG SAYINGS! This children's record is a collection of songs that are based on old expressons like "Don't Count Your Chickens Until They're Hatched" and "Every Dog Has It's Day".

We had so much fun at my Album Release Party at Havana Theatre. Thanks so much to everyone that attended. 


With a unique blend of songs and live drawings, my shows playfully uncover the meanings behind traditional proverbs and common expressions. Geared for children of all ages, I tackle or rather "kidsplain" topics such as friendship, tolerance and individuality through entertaining songs like "The Goose and The Gander", "Don't Count Your Chickens" and "Birds of A Feather".


My music is filled with positivity and is highly engaging for kids and parents alike, with lots of sing-a-long moments. As a bilingual performer I also love to infuse some French into my songs, adding another layer of active learning.


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Kids Concert June 2018 with funny faces.

If you like to sing, dance and watch stories unfold on my giant Art Book, you should come and see me!

Colouring pages 
and activities for kids.



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“As both a professional musician and parent of two young children I have witnessed first-hand how engaging a performer he is. It is clear that Mike has put a great deal of legwork and personal artistic development into his performance, and children respond very positively to him.”


Singer/Songwriter, Multiple Juno Award Nominee, Supermom